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River Trip FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Oregon and Idaho Trips

What if I can not swim?
Don't be to concerned. It's more of a question of how comfortable are you in the water. Wear your Personal Floatation Device (life jacket) at all times. In rivers you go with the flow and work your way toward shore. It doesn't require much swimming skill. You might want to swim a rapid in your PFD, with a qualified person and then decide if White water rafting is for you. If you are in a driftboat you seldomy ever get wet.

How strenuous is Whitewater Rafting or Driftboating?
You will be active, but if you are in moderately good physical condition, the challenge will not strain you. There is little danger if you follow the safety rules in white water rafting, do what your guide tells you and don't try to swim or paddle beyond your skills. The most strenous part is getting in and out of the boat or casting your fishing rod.

What about children?
It depends on the child and the challenge of your specific rafting trip. It is a fascinating, rewarding experience for a child who is prepared for an outdoor challenge, and who can easily adjust to the company of adults and the discipline that water and river safety requires. Keep in mind there may be others in your group who prefer a trip away from children. You know your child best. We have a minimum age of 6 for White water raft trips. Most children are mature enough around age 12 to paddle their own inflatable kayak on some trips.

Am I going to get wet, and how should I dress?
Yes. Water does splash on you. Wear a swim suit, and shoes that can get wet but won't come off your feet. Foot injury is the most common injury, from walking around on uneven terrain and broken glass. Shoes should be worn at all times. Wet suit booties or wool sox keep your feet warm. Bring a nylon wind shell, a glasses strap, sunscreen, chapstick, and some extra warm clothes. Have a towel and a dry set of clothes and shoes to get into after your trip and the ride home. Your outfitter will provide you with a list of what to bring for your White water raft trip.

What do I do with my camera?
You can purchase many one-use waterproof cameras from your local store or your outfitter. There are water tight boxes for larger cameras. If you have an exceptionally valuable camera, leave it at home. An old metal ammo box or Pelican box works well lined with foam and tied into your boat with a cam strap. If you will be in a driftboat you can bring the family camera. It can be stowed under the deck to stay dry.

Is there any fishing on White water rafting trips?
Yes. State fishing licenses should be obtained before the trip. You should bring a small folding type rod that can be stored easily when not in use. Many outfitters have specific trips just for fishing and the time it requires. Many areas are catch and release, ask your outfitter about his specific trips.

What is a good trip for a first timer?
If you have never White water rafted before your outfitter will suggest an appropriate trip. They are professionals and take first timers down the river every day. You can't get into too much trouble, if you go with a professional guide. Before every trip there is a safety talk that will educate you on river running safety.

How do I get back to my car?
A shuttle service can drive your car to meet you at the end of the trip. Meet your group at the designated location. We will give you information on the shuttle services. As your travel plans take shape other shuttle variations may be necessary as we will assist in making these arrangements. Idaho River Shuttles 1-800-831-8942 or 208-756-4188, Sawtooth Aviation 1-800-798-6105. Take care of your shuttle arrangements early and allow plenty of time to arrive early for your trip.

When is the best time to go on a White Water Raft trip?
The time to run a river depends on where you live; when the dam releases water, rainy season, or snow melt is the best time. May and June are high water months on many rivers. Some rivers may be runnable only at that time. Others may be too high to be safe. Many rivers are dam controlled and are runnable all summer. Check with your local outfitter to find out when to go White water rafting for your skill level. Weather can also be a factor.

Will we go White Water Rafting even if it rains?
The answer in most cases is; Yes! As long as cold and high winds do not become a major factor. Thunderstorms are short lived and offer a wonderful perspective on nature. Sun streaming through clouds is a part of the outdoor experience. You are going to get splashed anyway so enjoy the added ambience and beauty weather can bring. Save extra film for that rainbow. It just may be the most memorable White water raft trip of your life.

Can I buy Trip Insurance?
It pays to be prepared for the unexpected. You will receive essential coverage including sportsman's equipment, trip cancellation & interruption, medical expenses, baggage damage, and much more. Sportman's Travel Insurance

Will We Have Toilets?
Yes; we set up portable toilets on all overnight trips.

What is The Food Like?
When it comes to culinary delights of the trip we spare no time, effort or expense. The guides and camp crews are experts in the use of the Dutch oven and the techniques of open fire cooking. Fresh supplies, ice and beverages will be air shuttled to us mid-way through the trip. We will cater to your special beverage requests or any dietary restrictions you may have. Please inform us of any special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. for which we can plan a special river camp celebration.

What if I Have Never Fly Fished Before?
Don't worry if you've never fished before. We promote fly fishing and have excellent instructors for those who are unfamiliar with this type of fishing. The river has been catch and release since the early seventies and all fish will be released unharmed by your guide. Each guide carries a rod and tackle for your use while on the river.

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