Jeff Helfrich Rogue River Rafting Trips

Jeff Helfrich Rogue River Whitewater Rafting TripsRogue River Rafting

Oregon Family Outdoor Adventure Vacation

From its origin in the High Cascades near Crater Lake, the Rogue River carves its way through Oregon's rugged coastal mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Whitewater rafting and hot weather go hand in hand! Southern Oregon's Rogue River Canyon is known for it's heat and incredible cooling waves. Our 3 day or 4 day river adventure covers 43 miles of the rivers "Wild and Scenic" section from Graves Creek to Foster Bar. Whether you choose outdoor camping on the beaches or staying in comfortable wilderness lodges your trip will be the highlight of your summer!

You can participate in a paddle raft or just relax and take in the beautiful scenery while enhancing your tan in an oar raft. Another option both kids and adults find exhilarating are inflatable kayaks. They are very stable and give you first had experience at maneuvering through whitewater rapids of the Rogue River. Rafting the Rogue offers a varied experience, in calm sections the loudest noise you hear may be the dip of an oar, while in whitewater stretches the river roars over boulders and churns through the narrows.

Upon receiving deposits we will send out detailed trip information concerning personal equipment, fishing tackle, liability and other pertinent details.


Soon after entering the water we'll line our whitewater rafts around Rainie Falls, the only portion of the river we can't safely navigate. During the rest of our 42 mile journey you'll experience a part of the world accessible only by boat or hiking.

Jeff Helfrich Whitewater Rafting Rogue River Oregon

Winkle Bar is a favorite spot of individuals interested in local history. Here we can visit Zane Grey's cabin on the mining claim he purchased from an old gold prospector in 1926. The owners welcome stops from visitors.

Downstream we'll pass through the rugged, narrow and beautiful Mule Creek Canyon and the famous Blossom Bar rapids. Along the way rainfall patterns are apparent in the surrounding timber. Ponderosa pine, pacific madrone and oaks grow on the drier slopes. In areas of greater precipitation Douglas fir, Western hemlock and cedars surround the river.

Wildlife Viewing
A variety of wildlife make their home along the river and may be viewed during your trip. Black bear, otters and blacktail deer are often seen. Great blue herons and ospreys make frequent appearances and chances are good you'll see an eagle. This is the best wildlife viewing in the Pacific Northwest.

Jeff Helfrich Whitewater Rafting Blossom Bar Rogue River Oregon

Each day we'll stop along the rivers edge for a lunch including fresh meats, fruit and vegetables. Our dinners and breakfasts are our specialty. Fresh grilled salmon or steak combined with dutch oven biscuits and green salad will convince even the stanch dieters to dig in.

Our raft trips can be either three or four days depending on which you prefer. Our three day trip is off the river about 2pm of the third day while the four day is out about 11am.

The number of parties we guide on the Rogue is limited by federal permit. Reservations are required and often made a year in advance.

Our federal permit allows us either 12 or 24 total persons on a trip depending on the date. If your group is smaller we may be able to team you with another party.

Jeff Helfrich Whitewater Rafting Rogue River Oregon

The Rogue received national recognition in 1968, when 84 miles of this remarkable stream were included in the "Wild and Scenic Rivers Act." Provisions of the Act protect the outstanding scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, as well as the historic, and cultural values of this stream for generations to come.


"White water, sunbathing, relaxation, great meals and a comfortable bed, all this in a wilderness setting—imagine."
Shiela J.
Atlanta, GA

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