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From its origin in the High Cascades near Crater Lake, the Rogue River carves its way through Oregon's rugged coastal mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The Rogue received national recognition in 1968, when 84 miles of this remarkable stream were included in the "Wild and Scenic Rivers Act." Provisions of the Act protect the outstanding scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, as well as the historic, and cultural values of this stream for generations to come.

Driftboat Fishing the Rogue river throughout your Oregon vacation offers a varied experience. In calm sections the loudest noise you hear may be the dip of an oar, while in whitewater stretches the river roars over boulders and churns through narrows.

Our Rogue River fishing trip begins below Grave Creek.
Soon after entering the water we'll line our boats around Rainie Falls, the only portion of the river we can't safely navigate. During the rest of our 42 mile journey you'll experience a part of the world accessible only through the Rogue River Canyon.


Our nights are spent in historic Rogue River wilderness lodges. All the comforts of home with showers and a warm fireplace to gather around in the main lodge. Individual rooms for the guests allow comfort and privacy.

Jeff Helfrich Lodge to Lodge Fly Fishing Rogue River Trips

Lunches on the Rogue Rive are a memorable experience, featuring fresh steelhead or salmon broiled over hardwood coals along with a selection of fresh salads. Breakfasts and dinners at the comfortable wilderness lodges we stop at each of the three nights along the river.

Oregon Fishing on the Rogue offers exciting opportunity whether you're a novice or old pro. We specialize in Oregon fly fishing for the half-pounder steelhead using the famous Rogue River "twitch". Average steelhead are 14-16 inches but can range up to 22-24 inches (4 to 6 lbs). Only hatchery fish are allowed to be kept for lunch. When chinook or coho salmon are available we'll give you the choice of which you prefer to catch.

Driftboat Oregon fishing trips begin the first of September and stretch into early November. Generally the weather is very mild but the later Oregon fly fishing trips may on occasion encounter rain.

The number of parties we guide on our Oregon fishing trips are limited by federal permit.

Jeff Helfrich Fly Fishing Trips Rogue River Oregon

Reservations are required in advance for our Rogue river salmon and steelhead fishing trips. These reservations are often made a year in advance. We prefer groups of ten to twelve guests, the ideal party size for us and the wilderness fishing lodges. If your group is smaller we may be able to team you with another party.

For those unfamiliar with our specialized driftboats they are a very safe, dry and comfortable way to navigate the river. They are specially designed for whitewater and carry two fisherman and a guide.

Winkle Bar is a favorite spot of individuals interested in history. Here we can visit Zane Grey's cabin on the mining claim he purchased from an old gold prospector in 1926. The owners welcome stops from visitors.


"Rather than fishing, we called it-eating our way down the Rogue River. Another tantalizing gourmet meal at every stop."
Sheila B.
Santa Rosa, CA

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Select your outdoor adventure vacation in Oregon or Idaho. If you want to fly fish your family/friends can ride in a whitewater raft on the same trip.

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